We’ll complete any gaps and add high-quality prospects to your datasets. Generate the Credit Report itself based on the requested company name. Depending on
the given company and country the generation process can be instant or take up to
3 minutes to complete.

A failover for a Neptune global database promotes one of secondary read-only DB clusters to be the primary DB cluster and demotes the primary DB cluster to being a secondary (read-only) DB cluster. In other words, the role of the current primary DB cluster and the selected target secondary DB cluster are switched. The selected secondary DB cluster assumes full read/write capabilities for the Neptune global database. You may also get customer information with Klazify by using an email address, a URL, or a domain name. This API provides access to employee revenue ranges, logo APIs, location, tags, apps utilized, and industry type. Implementation takes less than 10 minutes and uptime is guaranteed.

Creating a headless Aurora DB cluster in a secondary Region

Protect your site and web application and always be a step ahead of potential threats to your business by detecting proxies, crawlers or tor users at first glance. You can wield it to customize user experiences, enhance security, and ensure compliance. But to do so effectively, you must master the art of interpretation. Decode the insights it offers and apply them to your unique business needs.

Only requests that return certain codes are regarded as requests and counted accordingly. For more technical specs, visit Global Database documentation page. To note, that if you are repeating the same request over a certain period of time (usually, the billing period), it counts just as a single request.


You can retrieve the exact dataset researchers used, and reproduce the same
results using their code. Processes more than 5 billion requests per second at peak, and with more than 10 Exabytes of data under management. Simplify migrations to Cloud SQL from MySQL, PostgreSQL, and Oracle databases with Database Migration Service.

global database api

Global Database API subscription implies the acquisition of a certain number of credits. Further, you use these credits as a means of payment for API requests or calls. To note, that the value of the API calls varies subject to the endpoint you are using. Book a demo and our representatives will explain how credits will be applied for your particular use case. It’s not always enough to start a conversation with only a name or an email address.

Company Details

Your inputs will be processed, and you’ll receive a file in one or more formats with the necessary information. Get the full benefit from your data, take advantage of automated data enrichment, and experience the power of live data synchronisation by integrating your CRM, marketing automation or any other tool with Global Database. Cloud-native with unlimited scale, global consistency, and up to 99.999% availability. AlloyDB Omni is a downloadable edition designed to run anywhere—in your datacenter, your laptop, and in any cloud. Set up easy-to-use, low-latency database replication with Datastream.

global database api

Keep your economic dashboard and economic indicators
up-to-date. Google Cloud databases provide you the best options for building enterprise generative AI apps for organizations of any size. When you are willing to enrich your product with data or fill-in some blanks in your own proprietary internal-use platform, Global Database integration API helps you fetch the data the way you need it. Each unique result delivered to the final product counts as an API call.

Company Overview API

The snapshot that you use can be from a provisioned or from a serverless Aurora DB cluster. UNICEF is seeking the serivces of service provider(s) in providing in-country transportation services for UNICEF supplies. Introduce the Credit Report ID to get access to the requested Credit Report. The Credit Report API provide full detailed Business Credit Reports for selected companies.

global database api

When you make a data request, e.g. one of your users sets up filters according to which a list of corresponding companies is delivered, each company on that list counts as one API call. When you have a company and are looking for specific contacts working for that company, it is very likely that you will receive several results for your request, meaning that you will get the data on more than one employee. In this case, each result delivered (i.e. each contact) counts as an API call. APIs are a type of software that allows two different programs to communicate with each other. This technology enables you to automate a variety of operations, saving you money, time, and effort while also providing you with instant access to required output and new data streams. An API can be use used by a user to request data from a web service.

Google Cloud databases

Get access to data on airplane seating and capacity for improved planning. Use the comprehensive collection of localization data provided by ipXapi to implement geo-restrictions on your website, improve ad targeting, or provide users with experiences that are specific to their region. The first step on this transformative path is gaining access to the Global IP Database API. This involves selecting the right provider, obtaining the necessary credentials, and integrating the API seamlessly into your systems. A well-executed integration ensures that you have a steady stream of IP geolocation data at your fingertips.

All data contained in this primary cluster is replicated to any secondary clusters that you add to your Aurora global database. The primary and all secondary clusters must already be detached or deleted first. A secondary cluster becomes a normal standalone cluster with read-write capability instead of being read-only, and no longer receives data from a the primary cluster.

Service: datamigration.googleapis.com

You will receive the Credit Report ID as the results of
Generation procedure. Multiple Generate requests can be completed at the same time
if you are looking to look up multiple companies and would like to wait for
each one to finalize before requesting the next one. This implies that each request is a query against the enrichment API endpoints, regardless of whether this is a website or domain name query, each being identically considered as a single API request. Corporate email address requests and web domain requests are valued equally. The ways enrichment API requests are made are divided into direct access and integration.

World-class data & insights

By giving names, job titles, and even social media accounts, the FullContact API provides more context to email addresses and phone numbers. To get the most out of your business, use the global database api to develop your product or stream actionable B2B intelligence. With insights into airline pricing strategies, your Intelligence and Analytics team can quickly evaluate the performance of each route, as well as individual airlines. Predict the fuel burn and emissions of scheduled flights based on the aircraft type, engine type and typical fuel consumption. Analyze airline, airport and route performance with our unique archive of historical flight information and performance data to drive your internal and competitive benchmarking, as well as future strategy and innovation. Tracking thousands of flights, cancelations, and status changes every day to bring you a comprehensive feed of the most accurate flight status data.


Regardless of your industry or goal, Global Database API architecture is a widely applicable, hassle-free integration solution designed to amp-up your database and fill in any blanks with accurate, trustworthy company intelligence. Welcome to the GlobalDatabase API, which provides programmatic access to GlobalDatabase’s comprehensive company data. It can be used to enhance a wide variety of business functions, from auto-populating website forms to verifying customer credentials. The Enrichment API is designed to find and receive detailed company and employee information based on domain or email. This solution allows you to look up a person’s
position and contact details, receive a detailed profile of a company you’re verifying, or be utilized as an
end-customer facing solution to provide them with information and insights. For example, you can provide your
end-customers with white-labeled data from Global Database by integrating the Enrichment API into your own solution.

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